My name is Laura Tulip and I’m a 25-year-old Brit. I travelled solo around the world and kept some diaries which I sometimes turn into blogs. Other times, I just write blogs about my recent experiences but whatever I write about on here, it’s at least a little bit entertaining.

I’ve suffered from chronic sadness for as long as I can remember and inconveniently, feeling hard done by and being annoyed by everything didn’t fix it so I got a bit fed up with trying that and started making a conscious effort to make my brain shut up and find the positive in even the most annoying of situations. To begin with, it was forced and I struggled with that. I would have been the first person to fill with rage when I walked into a room of people discussing the weather when we all know fine well that no one cares about another person’s observation of the progression of rain over the last few days. I resented that I had to put any amount of effort into a false feeling of positivity but I was determined to retrain my negative brain so I persevered and eventually I came out, as the Brits say, “right as rain”.

My positive outlook is genuine now, it’s my proudest achievement to date and I did it all by myself. I even learnt to accept that conversations regarding the weather aren’t going away any time soon and to embrace them in all of their hilarity, which is just as well because it turned out that frequent discussions regarding the weather is not exclusive to Britain, although Brits are the worst for it. I still despise existing sometimes which is just extremely unfortunate but fortunately, I’m motivated by improvement so it’s just an ongoing improvement project. As the Brits say, “Every cloud has a silver lining”.

I enjoy writing about my experiences more than I enjoyed experiencing some of them. I like researching about what I’m writing about and turning my experience into an informative and entertaining account. All experiences make for writing opportunities; even if I don’t exclusively blog about something, I have a new anecdote in the bank.

My current goal in life is to get a job role that requires my writing skills, then I’ll have really succeeded.

Update: since writing that, I got a job as a Content Writer. Maybe only temporarily but it’s the first step for sure. I’m winning, you can win too.